Back in Blighty!

No, I didn’t die.
No, I’m not in prison.
No, I haven’t married into an Amish family, therefore no longer have a computer.


I actually turned my attention to my travelling page for the last 5 months. If you’re intrigued to find out more, please check it out:

But today we’re not on Koh Tao island in the 36 degree heat, thinking, “sod the sweat, sod the humidity, I’m going for a run” – but then failing miserably because you get chased by aggressive, wild dogs. Today, we’re in Dishforth village, North Yorkshire. It’s 16 degrees. Although I’m really feeling the cold (wearing a jumper and wouldn’t dream of going out without a jacket on…) it is perfect RUNNING weather.

So let’s talk running. I’m excited to be training with my North Yorkshire running buddies. THIRSK & SOWERBY HARRIERS. These guys are inspirational and I’m so proud to be a part of it all. They cater for all abilities. Whether you’re aiming to enter your first 5K, or maybe you’ve got a marathon in mind? T&S Harriers can and WILL help. Or perhaps races aren’t your scene? Maybe you just want to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle? Whatever the incentive, a bonus is that you will make lots of new friends too. For, me, running with Thirsk was a great way to do sessions whilst at home from University (2012 – 2015). They have a brilliant atmosphere where you can do as much or as little as you like. As Rob (Coach) says: ‘this is YOUR session.’

‘MY session.’ Being the sort of person that I am, that means ‘give it your all or you’re wasting your time.’ Unless, of course, I’m injured. But that’s another story… (see my shin splints advice here: )

Thanks to Rob’s sessions and the super-duper, friendly atmosphere from other members, I managed to achieve sub 40mins for 10K.

Writing that makes me feel a little bit sick. Since my travels I have lost muscle, therefore lost quite a lot of speed and power. I’d be collapsed on the floor trying to keep up with my sub 40, 2015 self. But I must stay positive. I’ll get it back, I just have to give it time and ‘train smart.’ (I was about to post a link on ‘training smart’ then realised I don’t have one yet). So, my running friends, that will be the next post that I write.

My point for this post though, is JOIN A RUNNING CLUB, because a running club is for everybody. A couple of days ago at the Monday session, there was a group of girls going for a jog on the road. “Hi there! We’re about to do a group session. Come and join us!” we said.

Their reply: “No way! We’re not good enough!”


The reason people assume they’re not up to scratch is because club runners have got a bad name for being tall, skinny beings, race-obesessed, all elbows out, snotty nosed, fighting to the death through mud, up hills. (Ha, it amuses me that apart from ‘tall’ this is definitely me). BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. Clubs really are so inclusive, they help you achieve your goals and you’ll make friends for life.

You can usually go along to a few sessions for free to see if you like it. Just find your nearest club online, maybe pop them an email to show your interest / express any concerns? But if you can’t be bothered with all that, they honestly won’t mind. You’ll instantly be welcomed like a new family member.

To be an official member of Thirsk & Sowerby, it’s only £35 a year. WHAT A STEAL. That’s for all the amazing sessions, options to go to socials, race discounts…

If you’re already a Club member, why not help spread the word? Share the page on Facebook, tell your friends how great it is. Even better, bring a friend along to let them see if they like it. The running community is the best community.

Ah, I’m glad to be back.

Run to get faster, run to get fitter, run to feel healthier.

All the best,




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