Fast n’ flat

This XC race was short (under 4k for the women) and pretty flat.

Most would jump for joy at the thought of less distance and fewer hills. Not me.

For me, this course was too flat and too short and therefore too fast. Just because a course is ‘easier’ on paper, certainly doesn’t make it any easier in real life. In fact, in my opinion, these kind of races are more difficult. I am not a sprinter and I found the extremely fast pace difficult to keep up with.

I also found it a rather lonely race. There wasn’t a girl very near ahead of me that I could focus my energy into trying to over-take, neither was there a girl close behind me, breathing down my neck – so I wasn’t really getting pushed on at all. I was behind the amazing runners, and in front of the average runners. I was in my own little bubble. I know I would have got a better time if I had felt like I was in a more competitive environment.

Speaking of competitive, we had a fantastic sprint finish from RHUL’s very own Jack Jakins. It was so exciting to watch and we were all screaming for him at the top of our voices. I love that feeling of excitement and true joy you can feel for a team-mate.

Despite the course being too short and too flat for my liking – no shoes were lost as it wasn’t too muddy. And a quicker race means back home earlier for dinner. Happy days.

Run to get fitter, run to get faster, run to feel happier.

All the best,



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