Bushy Park

It’s the last London XC league of the season.

5k for women, 10k for men, pretty flat loop.

I had a truly glorious day. The sun was shining, Wayne the bear (our mascot) came along for the ride and everyone was in a great, joyous mood.

The race itself was fab – I felt good and strong and managed to cross the finish line smiling. It was one of those races that was very satisfying because even if it wasn’t a PB, you just know that you couldn’t have done better. You know you had a good race and your body really tried it’s best for you. You can congratulate your mind for good race tactics – you played it well rather than crossing the finish line thinking damn it, I went off too fast / didn’t give it enough on the hills, etc, etc.

Of course, we can always learn from races though. And what I learnt today is that by having the goal of ‘just enjoying the experience’ can be extremely rewarding.

It was also a tad emotional. Seeing that my team, as individuals, had improved so much since the first league made me extremely proud. Charlotte looked teary as she thanked me for being such a good President and said how much she would miss me when I leave. It made my eyes start to water too and I gave her a massive hug.

Run to get fitter, fun to get faster, run to feel happier.

All the best,




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