Alexandra Palace

It’s time for another Cross Country race.

Alexandra Palace is a two lap course for women (5k) and 3 lap course for men (7.5k). It is extremely muddy and had a rather awful hill that you have to go up diagonally to avoid slipping. (Some still slipped).

I’m worried that I may have ‘mind control’ as there was a girl in front of me who I just couldn’t catch. In my exhausted state, a wicked and rather cruel thought entered my head: ‘oh could you just fall over or something then I can pass you…’ and within only a second she slipped – down like a lamp. I passed her and felt awful. (Told my Dad and he laughed). Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt.

The first field was an absolute bog (last year it swallowed my spike and I had to finish left-shoe-less!) Since then I had purchased some sturdy trail shoes that are a very snug fit. When we were unleashed from the start line, all elbows out, I saw a few poor souls also lose their footwear in that first field. ‘Ah, you live and learn.’ I thought to myself.

There is also a rather steep down-hill on the course. You must let yourself relax when going downhill. It’s easy to stiffen up (you may injure your hips if you do). Try to relax and trust yourself. You’re more likely to slip and fall if you’re tense.

It was a tough race (races always are) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I ended up finishing with a massive grin on my face because I have completed one of my ‘RHUL dreams.’

“To come in the top 10 in a London League cross country.”

I came 9th. Can’t stop smiling.


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