Wednesday Session at Virginia Water

No London League this week so I decided to move the session to a Wednesday afternoon when it would be lighter.

It’s ‘reading week’ at uni, so lots of people have gone home…Still, about 9 people showed up to the session so it wasn’t a complete failure of an idea.

I held the session at Virginia Water. I asked the team runners to run around the lake (7k) aiming to get a PB. I asked the slower runners to do at least 5k. The slower runners would run out for 2.5k, then run back, with the aim to just keep going. The faster runners would try and get a PB with 7k, rest for 2 mins, then turn back on themselves to meet and run back with the slower runners.

Tim and Carl managed an impressive 15k and Manuela completed her first ever 5k which she was really chuffed about. She’s now keen to do it again and keep improving.

I love encouraging the club and seeing their achievements.

Run to get faster, run to get fitter, run to feel happier.

All the best,



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