First Session at Aldershot

Last week I contacted the Sports Development team at uni and enquired about what could be done to progress with my running. I’d love to improve and felt the most beneficial way to improve would be to get a coach. I wasn’t feeling too confident and thought they wouldn’t get back to me because I’m not good enough. But I also thought, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…

They were really helpful and put me in contact with Grace (a girl who has just started uni and who is very very good). I met up with Grace and she was lovely. She trains at Aldershot alongside Emelia Gorecka!

Grace, after speaking to the coach (Mick) invited me to come along to their Sunday session to have a taster of what it’s like. She warned me it is a heavy session…

Here is a breakdown of the session:

– warm up (4k, fast pace)
– 1500m cross-country loop x6 (2 mins recovery)
– 200m downhill strides x6
– 4k cool down



After, Mick was really encouraging and encouraged me to come along again. He also said that he would help me devise a training plan.

I’m ever so excited about what’s to come!

Run to get faster, run to get fitter, run to feel happier.

All the best,



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