London College League – Parliament Hill

Wednesday 22nd October saw the first cross country of the season.

The course started with a steep, long hill and had the odd hill on the way around too. It was 5k for women and 10k for men.

The standard was high and it was a fast pace. There were about 200 competing (just under 100 women and just over 100 men). It was my aim to come in the top 20 and I finished 17th so was pleased. The second girl for RHUL was 42nd and the first male for RHUL was 47th.

Our RHUL team had fantastic team spirit and all encouraged each other over the finish.

Regarding personal improvement, I need to work on having a stronger start. Mentally you must tell yourself to keep pushing and keep strong (it’s 5k not a half marathon so my little legs need to keep shifting!!)

It was a very successful day and I’m happy that the team are keen to compete again!

Run to get fitter, run to get faster, run to feel happier.


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