Sunday Hill Reps at Virginia Water

To say we’re well into October now, the weather yesterday was just glorious – perfect for our hill reps session.

The session took place at Virginia Water – a park that goes around a beautiful lake on the edge of Windsor Park.

Here is a breakdown of the session:

– approx 35 mins jogging overall
– Long gradual hill max effort 300m x4 (recovery: slow jog downhill)
– Shorter, sharp hill max effort 100m x6 (recovery: slow jog downhill)
– cool down stretches

I reminded the team to keep pushing even when the hill flattened out at the top for at least 20 strides. During a race, yes you may over-take on a hill if hills are your strong point…However, a good tactic is to get right up close behind somebody on a hill, let them do the work and tire whilst going up the hill, and then as soon as it flattens, powerfully over-take with the strength that you’ve saved up.

Also, especially towards the end of the session when their legs were getting tired, I reminded them that the strength, power and speed will come from the arms. Use your arms and exaggerate them to speed up those slopes.

Only two days to go now until the first London College League! I have planned to do a sprint session with a couple of the girls on the committee tonight and I plan to have a rest day tomorrow (day before race).

Run to get faster, run to get fitter, run to feel happier.

All the best,





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