Hungover Session

Too much to drink? Stayed out too long partying the night before a training session? I’ll let you off… Just this once.

Last night was a very exciting night for our Cross Country Club at RHUL as it was our first social. It was great for people to mingle and get to know the committee. It was a ‘Come in you kit’ night, so people are still yet to know what I look like in jeans.

A few less faces were at the training session as they nursed their hangovers in bed – but still a great turn out!

Here is a breakdown of the session:

– warm up jog
– drills including high knees, back kicks, side steps, lunges etc.
– Run for 5 minutes and 10k pace then 5 minutes at 5k pace (so a noticeably faster pace. 10 mins in total) 2 mins recovery. X3
– cool down and stretches

A few looked a little fragile after this but hey ho it did them good.

Fun to get faster, fun to get fitter, run to feel happier.

All the best,



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