First Training Session at RHUL

University has officially begun again. I am suddenly surrounded by deadlines, lecture notes and the stress of potential failure and wasted money. Negativity aside, CROSS COUNTRY SEASON HAS BEGUN.

At the end of the last academic year, I was delighted to be elected President of Cross County and Athletics. I am so excited to see the club grow and expand, and be a part of that.

The Freshers’ Sports Fayre, where newcomers to RHUL sign up to the clubs they want to join was a great success. We got a brilliant level of interest.

I was a bit nervous to take the first training session. I wanted to come across both knowledgable and fun. I study Drama so you’d have thought my tummy butterflies would be able to take the anxious feeling of ‘performing’ in front of a group of people I don’t know. Why was I so nervous!? Luckily, there was no need to suffer from that sicky worried feeling – the session was a great success! 44 people showed up – they listened, they laughed, they got sweaty and they seemed happy.

Here is a breakdown of the session:

-Warm up jog

-Drills and Sprints, varying in effort

-Core exercises e.g. plank and press ups

-3 minutes run at 70% with 1 minute recovery x6

-Cool down stretches

After the session I got some great feedback. One girl, online posted “Thank you guys for organising such a great first training session… had no idea what to expect but I really enjoyed it!!”

Another girl wrote: “Great training session! Liv Mulligan is the best coach!”

Reading these responses gave me a similar feeling as to when you’ve just done an epic 10K run – true happiness and feeling of fulfilment.


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