Hill Reps

Hill reps. Love them or hate them (most people hate them). But if you can, learn to love them because in a race this is where you can have a real advantage if you’ve had some prior training. Or even if you don’t ever fancy doing a race, incorporating hill reps into your training will help your running technique and ability. 

Yesterday I had my hill reps session (I try to do about one a week). This session in particular consisted of a mild sloping hill of about 200m. Here’s the breakdown of the session:

200m uphill x10 

Slow jog downhill 100m, then walk 100m in between each effort. 

Reps 1 -4 and 6 -9 at 70%

Reps 5 and 10 at 80% and on the 10th also go an extra 100m (300m in total). 

Today’s advice for hill reps is ARMS. Most people think that legs are all it takes to run, but this really isn’t the case. Practise a few strides really exaggerating your arm movement. You’ll find that when your arms have more power, your legs (without you telling them to) will also be more powerful. The result of this new found power will make you stride up the hill at a quicker pace.

 When I concentrate on my arms I imagine words such as POWER, STRENGTH, FIGHTING. I imagine my arms slicing through the air as if I’m beating a drum and I want to break through the drum. It’s kind of random, I know. But this imagery helps me to believe that I’m more powerful than I really am. Altering your psychology can have a great impact on altering your ability. 

Try your best to incorporate some hill reps into your training and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the improvement it brings to your general running ability.

Run to get faster, run to get fitter, run to feel happier.

All the best,



One thought on “Hill Reps”

  1. I always remember a race where there was hills. The people who were good on flat took off, I thought there was no chance I could catch them. Then I got to the hills and saw many struggling, with some walking. Running uphill makes running in general so much easier


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