Are you ready Freshers?

As a child I loved nothing more than having my face painted. A lion, a clown, a crazy moustache man…You name it, I had it.

Today my love for face paint has returned. Delivered to my door was a pot of green and a pot of purple face paint. These are the Royal Holloway University of London sports colours (RHUL) and the delivery of these have made me ever so excited for the Freshers’ Sports Fayre.

At the end of last year I was elected the role of President for Cross Country & Athletics. I am thrilled to have this position and I am determined to make it the BEST YEAR YET for the club.

We are a small, uncompetitive team and club but we all share a love for fitness and running. I hope to expand the club and gain lots more numbers (I’m confident that crazy face painted faces and free chocolates will entice the fresh-faced, naive university freshers).

Myself and the rest of the committee have great plans for this coming year, including: more training sessions, park runs, more socials and POSSIBLY  a trip abroad to complete a 10K / Half marathon.

So yes, it’s all rather exciting. Please follow my blog for updates of how we’re getting along.

Keep running

All the best,


Photo on 03-08-2014 at 10.17




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